Trends in the Legal Universe in 2022

Amidst several events of our "new normal", 2022 started with everything and with it we had the arrival of new trends and innovations that promise to mark the legal universe.

Since we are living a new reality, the legal market has had to adapt and implement new solutions for its clients.

Therefore, we have brought you the main trends and innovations for the coming years in the legal universe.


Main Trends in the Legal Universe in 2022


ADVOCACY 4.0 and 5.0                                                                                                                                                                                     

Much is said about advocacy 4.0 and 5.0, but do you know what these terms are about?

Advocacy 4.0 

Advocacy 4.0 came from the need for faster and more effective responses, that is, with a primary focus on productivity.

In advocacy 4.0 we can see the great use of technologies, especially when it comes to data management. Topics such as Jurimetrics, digital law, legal techs, legal marketing, legal software, management, LGPD, compliance, among other subjects, are addressed.

With the use of all technological means, lawyers have begun to take their decisions oriented towards data, thus obtaining more assertive results. However, there has been a prioritisation of information and technology, leaving aside human needs, and for this reason we have evolved to 5.0 advocacy.

Advocacy 5.0

The application of technology in Law Practice 4.0 was already clear and very present in the routine of the lawyers who adopted it. However, with the arrival of Law Practice 5.0, some changes have occurred, mainly in the way these technologies are used.

Advocacy 5.0 focuses on a humanised legal practice, that is, it uses these technologies in a more human way.

Difference between advocacy 4.0 and 5.0

Therefore, the main difference between them is that advocacy 4.0 is marked by the automation of processes and productivity, whereas advocacy 5.0 prioritises a more humanised legal practice.



When it comes to data-based management we immediately think of legal software. In recent years the search for this software has been increasing, especially the search for business intelligence.

If you are not yet familiar with it, business intelligence is basically a system that helps companies make decisions more accurately and effectively. It collects, organises and analyses information on various subjects of your choice and from this transforms data into results.

In Legal Metrics (business intelligence software developed by Juristec+), this data can be extracted by capturing court cover data, data in Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets and even from your case management system.

The implementation of this type of software in the legal practice is of paramount importance, as with it you can bring your client faster and more reliable answers, improve your results and productivity, as well as stand out in the legal environment.



Legal Design also enters as one of the main trends in the legal universe for the coming years. It is nothing more than the application of design within the legal sphere.

Legal Design is tied to Simplified Language, i.e. the main focus is on the parties of the case and not the lawyers.

Thus, synthesising and simplifying contents, with the purpose of facilitating understanding and generating empathy with the reader.

This new modality must above all be easy, empathetic, interdisciplinary, playful, coherent and efficient.



With the approval of the flexibilization of legal marketing through Provision 205/2021 by the OAB, "legal marketing is allowed, provided it is carried out in a manner compatible with ethical precepts and respecting the limitations imposed by the Statute of the Practice of Law, General Regulations, Code of Ethics and Discipline".

In Brazil, there are on average 1 million lawyers registered at the OAB, thus making the legal market an extremely competitive environment. With the intention of standing out and creating an identity of value, as well as the need to attract and retain clients, lawyers are using marketing as their main ally to promote their services.

Broadening your knowledge and bringing this multidisciplinarity to your office or legal department is to guarantee your space to stand out and stay in tune with the trends.


These are some of the topics that are in focus in the legal universe for the year 2022.

These and other trending topics have arrived to assist and optimise the routine of legal professionals.

And you, are you ready to apply these changes to your routine?

See you later!

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