The importance of capturing data from the Courts

We know that the corporate routine in general is extremely busy, so we must find ways to optimize our time. In other words, any time wasted can affect our performance of other activities. 


Often, in order to obtain the necessary data, we need to access the website of the desired court to obtain the appropriate information and this activity ends up taking some time.


With this in mind, Legal Metrics has launched court data capture functionality, a real hand on the wheel for its users! 


In the Legal Metrics system the captures are carried out weekly, so the information is always up to date, and the user is able to make a comparison of their progress through the KPI's.


Let's face it, a true analysis requires multiple views and comparisons, and in this case Legal Metrics won't let you down.

For this analysis, they can be used:

  • Data extracted from the courts;
  • Data from the case management system;
  • Data in Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets.



The captures process is very simple, data is extracted from the search by the CNPJ chosen by the user, so the system evaluates the numbers of processes belonging to that CNPJ and starts capturing the movements. The information is available in a custom dashboard, and can be viewed and extracted later, directly from the indicators or base on the module of files. 

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See you later!