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Legal Selling Partnership

Programa Metrics Partner

Juristec+ is the first Legaltech to develop a Business Intelligence platform for the Legal segment in Brazil. Legal Metrics has been driving and helping its clients to become great legal managers. 

With a view to expanding its operations, Juristec+ has created Metrics Partner; a program that selects suitable and qualified companies that have the same objective as ours: to expand their portfolio of solutions and leverage their sales.

In the Metrics Partner Programme, your company can commercialise Legal Metrics, implement it and manage new clients as a whole, which is a great opportunity to leverage your business.

Add value to your portfolio

Recurring revenue

Attractive commission

Partnership with numerous benefits

How to become a partner

1 - Inscrição

Fill in the form below to start the analysis process

2 - Avaliação

Our partnerships area will assess whether your company meets the requirements to become a Metrics Partner

3 - aprovação

After analysis, we will contact you to give you the result of your inclusion in the programme

4 - Capacitação

Your company will be trained at a technical, commercial and functional level. Assessments will be carried out and certificates will be issued if approved.

5 - Homologação

After approval in all the training stages, your company will be homologated and receive the Metrics Partner title.

6 - Go to Market

Once all the steps are completed, your company will be able to start acting as a Metrics Partner and communicate to the market and customers.